Dear digital revolution in retail - remember the staff!

Digital solutions are nothing without a staff capable to use them at full potential.

You cannot integrate digital solutions into your business without closely collaborating with your staff. Digital solutions are nothing without a staff capable to use them at full potential

Digital solutions for retail are built to ease the complexity of the business; to save time, save costs, improve processes, increase turnover, and even improve consumer experience. Although all in good intent, this is not always what businesses experience in the execution phase in the real world.

Many suppliers of digital retailing solutions struggle to showcase the full potential of their products to customers. Not because the products do not live up to the challenges. Many digital solutions today are pure wonders. It is simply because businesses are not capable of implementing the use of the solution in their daily operations.

This is why digital retailing and your staff should blend together perfectly. The digital solutions themselves do nothing for you as a retailer – the way you manage and integrate the solutions in your operations is the driver. From top management to store staff.

I urge retailers in the midst of their digital revolution to focus as much on the solution as on the organisation. Secure that your staff is on board, has the right knowledge and is turning this knowledge into behaviour when it comes to integrating digital solutions in daily operations, consumer interactions and so on.